Terms & Conditions


I. In General


1. Home Market company, registered on ul .Bogusława 22A / 11 in Szczecin, Polanad, tax identification number:   PL852-191-59-99 , Company Number 811909910 is the owner and operator of the website http://www.Lucyminerals.net/


  1. Definitions


-Definitions used in the further parts of these Terms & Conditions must be understood in the following way:

-Purchase Agreement – contracted by Lucyminerals.net is the agreement with the client of the e-shop in accordance to these Terms & Conditions.

-Delivery – delivering the ordered goods to the client by Lucyminerals.net on the basis of the Purchase Agreement, which means the service was performed. The Shop may deliver the goods by means of its own transport or order the delivery at another company (courier, post service or another partner of Lucyminerals.net.

- Password – the sequence of at least 5 (five) signs that together with Login enables to make an order in the e-Shop.  

- The client – any natural or legal person that has the capacity to enter legal transactions, in case of a natural person, or legal personality, in case of legal person. Such person is registered on the website and visits it in order to purchase good in the e-Shop.

- Login – the unique identification established by the Client that contains no more than 30 signs and, together with the Password, enables to make an order in the e-Shop.

-Terms &Conditions – the regulations of Terms & Conditions of the e-Shop.

- Registration – the correct fill-in of the registration form by the Client on the Website by means of filling in the personal data and the established Password and Login correctly

-The e-Shop – the e-shop managed by Home Market company within the domain Lucyminerals.net

- The Seller- Home Market company, registered on ul .Bogusława 22A / 11 in Szczecin, Polanad, tax identification number: PL852-191-59-99, Company Number 811909910

- The Regular Customer – the client, who purchases goods in the e-Shop at least twice a month

- The Website – the internet website managed by by Home Market company within the domain Lucyminerals.net


III. Orders


1. The orders of goods are accepted only from those clients who are registered and logged to Lucyminerals.net.

2. The orders can be made 24h/7days.

3. The orders are accepted one after another according to date and time.

-on workdays: the orders made before 20.00 will be performed on the next workday

-on workdays: the orders made after 20.00 will be treated as made on the following workday and performed the next day.

-on Saturday: we perform all the orders made on Friday before 20.00

-on Friday after 20.00: will be performed on Monday or the next day after Sunday

-the orders made on Sunday will be performed on the following workday

4. The deadline to perform the order is usually 48h, however Home Market stipulates the right to push the deadline.

5. The promotional or sale offers are available until stock-out. Due to limited number of goods in such offers any order made after stock-out will not be informed. The client will be informed by a phone call or e-mail from Lucyminerals.net.

6. The orders can be made exclusively by the adults (18 years of age).

7. The order will be performed after the correct fill-in of the form on the website called log-in and accessing the following data:

-personal data

-e-mail address and the telephone number to confirm the order

-address of delivery

8. The domain registry and the servers that support the e-Shop are sited in Poland.

9. The purchase in e-Shop www.Lucyminerals.net takes place in Poland according to the Polish law.

10. The minimum order in www.Lucyminerals.net is 35€  or equivalent sum in PLN.

11. Home Market company reserves the right to:

-withdraw certain products from the e-Shop,

-change the prices and the number of products in the e-Shop,

-introduce new products to the offer of the e-Shop,

- make, change and cancel promotions

12. The forms filled incorrectly or with wrong data of the client will not be performed.

13. The effective conclusion of the agreement takes place after accepting the terms & conditions by the client while registering.


IV. Technical requirements


In order to make an order on the Website the client needs a computer with an operation system installed that enables to access the Internet via graphical web browser. To make it even more workable the Client should use IE browser 5.5 at least, Mozilla of Firefox and should activate Macromedia FlashPlayer, java Script and CSS.


V. Delivery


Delivery by courier:

- 4.90 EUR without weight limits


-1. Delivery is provided with:

-receipt – or VAT invoice according to the Client's wish, sent by the post

- 2. The receipt or VAT invoice issued according to information given by the Client (marked by * - main address data) is a proof of purchase.

- 3. The cost of delivery is on the side of the Client.

- 4. In case of the Client's absence at the address of delivery in the chosen time, the order will not be performed and the Client will bear the cost of transport of the ordered goods.

- 5. In case of no possibility to deliver some goods according to the order due to no availability of the product, the parcel will be sent without the ordered goods or with the similar products if the Client decides so.


VI. Payment


The e-Shop uses PayPal.pl platform for collecting payments.


VII. Prices


-1. All the prices are gross and include VAT tax. The published price list does not reflect the present stock.

- 2. The prices are presented in EUR and PLN, and include VAT in the territory of Poland. The prices do not include the costs of delivery.

-3. The Seller reserves the right to change the prices, make and cancel promotions and sales.


  1. The right to resign from a purchase


- 1. The Client who accepted the Purchase Agreement may resign in 10 days after delivery without giving a reason but needs to issue a written statement to the Seller.

-2. In case of waiving the Purchase Agreement, the agreement will be considered concluded. The Client will receive the payment for the goods back and will be bound to sent the goods back in the unspoilt condition, originally packed and complete. In order to return the goods the Client needs to contact The Customer Service of Lucyminerals.net.

- 3. The Client has no right to return the product if the product goes off easily or other suchlike conditions arise.

-4 The cost of returning the product is on the side of the Client. The e-Shop does not accept any cash-on-delivery post.


IX. Complaints


.-1. If the Client notices that there are products that he/she did not order while performing a delivery by the forwarder of Lucyminerals.net, the Client is obliged to refuse accepting the unwanted products. Confirming a delivery with a signature of the Client will mean that Client has accepted a delivery according with the order.

-2. In case of damage or factory defect the Client may refuse to accept the delivery by signing the statement. The Seller will be obliged to return the money.

- 3. In case the Client discovers any damage of the product or any unwanted products after accepting the delivery, he/she is obliged to contact the Customer Service immediately and no later than in 3 days after receiving the delivery. Any complaints reported after this time will not be accepted.

-4. If the product is damaged, the Seller is obliged to replace it with a new one, free from any damages. The Client should make a complaint and send the damaged product along with delivery documents to the Seller.

-5 In case of any incompatibility of food product with its characteristics, the Client may wish to have the product replaced under condition he/she contacts the Seller within 1 day from the day of opening the product and no later than the expiry date). This concerns packed or loose products.

-6. In case the product may worsen, the Client is obliged to contact the Customer Office before making a complaint in order to discuss the details of returning the product.

-   7 Please send the complaint by e-mail at: info@Lucyminerals.net and send a registered letter at: Home Market, ul .Bogusława 22A / 11, Szczecin.

-8. The complaint has to include the Client's data: name, address, e-mail and a description of the problem. Lack of any of such information will result in refusing to accept the complaint.

-9. The Seller will do his best to refer to the complaint within 14 days from the date of receiving it. The Seller will contact the Client immediately after the complaint has been accepted or refused via e-mail.

-10. In case the complaint has been accepted the Seller will replace the ill product for the damage-free product, and if this is not possible, he will offer an equivalent product or will return the money back either on the account designated by the Client or to the address pointed by a Client. The Seller will deliver the new product to the Client after having referred to the complaint.

-11. The differences in the appearance of the product in reality and on the Website cannot be the reason for the complaint.


X. Privacy policy


-1. The Client who registers on Lucyminerals.net consents for collecting and processing personal data filled in the form according to the Personal Data Protection Act on 29.08.1997(Dz. U. z 2002 r. nr 101 poz. 926 z późn. zm.) used solely for the needs of performing the orders.

-2. The Client may agree to receive offers and advertisement from the Seller via e-mail. In order to allow for such e-mails the Client needs to click the option on the ordering form.

-3. The Client reserves the right to have an insight to his/her personal data, to change and remove data.


XI. Description of the products


.Lucyminerals.net informs that all descriptions of the products on the Website are valid.

Lucyminerals.net is not liable for any discrepancies or errors in description of the products presented by the producer or distributor. The Seller may not be held liable for any changes introduced by the producer of distributor that the Seller has not been informed about.


XII. Final Provisions


-1. Lucyminerals.net reserves the right to change the content of Terms & Conditions. The changed Terms & Conditions will be published on the Website of Lucyminerals.net and comes in force within 2 days from the date of publishing.

.-2. Any disputes arising in connection with the Purchase agreements shall be resolved by a court with jurisdiction over the place of the defendant's registered office.


Lucyminerals.net – Liablity reservations


All rights to  Lucyminerals.net Website, including the text, graphical elements, IT processes and its composition are reserved.

The usage of any content included on the Website does not mean the users have acquired any rights to use elements of the Website.

The users may use the elements of the Website only to the extent allowed by the permitted usage as mentioned in the Copyright Act on 4.02.1994, the Database Protection Act on 27.07.2001 and the Act on Combating Unfair Competition on 16.04.1993.

It is forbidden to make any changes, copies or modifications with any aims, particularly commercial without t a written permission of Lucyminerals.net.